Tsaghkadzor/Kecharis /

    In Kotayk region of Armenia and 1841 meters above the sea level, a magnificent rest resort Tsaghkadzor is mainly harbored on the area lying on the forested and picturesque slopes of Mount Teghenis. A dwelling place Tsaghkadzor had been mentioned since innumerably ancient times and its name is associated with Tsaghkunyats mountains. Then it was called Tsaghkadzor later it was renamed into Tsaghkunyats canyon, whereas in the Middle Ages was known as Kecharis or Keraruk. In the 15th century it was renamed into Darachichak, which is a Turkish translation of Tsaghkunyats canyon. In 1947 its historic name was returned to the settlement. In the early Middle Ages the province was used for hunting purposes by the kings of Arshakuni. In the 6th-7th centuries the province was transferred to the prominent Kamsarakans noble family, which later in the 10th century it was under the reign of the Pahlavuni. Master Gregory Pahlavuni built a marvelous church in Kecharuyk naming it in honour of St. Gregory and thus, laying the foundation for the famous Kecharis monastery complex. In the year of 1051 a second superb St. Nshan (Sign) church was built. Under the Zakarians reign, Tsaghkunyats province underwent a new wave of economic and cultural development in the 13-14th centuries.

Glorious Tsakhkadzor was dominated by the Khaghbakyan, then by the Proshians ruling dynasties during those centuries. Vasak Khaghbakyan performed extensive repairs of Kecharis in 1203-1214 by building St. Katoghike (Catholicos) next to St.Nshan. Built by the gifted architect this magnificent church in its elegant decorations is the most luxurious of Kecharis monastery churches. During this period radiant St. Resurrection Church was also built for the occasion. The 1828 earthquake destroyed all the domes of Kecharis monastery but two years later it was renovated and acquired its former beautiful luster.

The main sports center of the USSR was built in the city in 1967, which gained great recognition and respect almost in all circles of the entire sport world. After the proclamation of Armenia’s independence in 1991, the resort has been renovated and has become a city of serene and exclusively decorated streets and squares, of modernly equipped and comfortable hotels, rest houses and five stations for mostly convenient summer and winter modern tramway, which allows to enjoy the city all around the year.

30 km professional ski trails were also built. Kecharis monastic complex was completely renovated in 2001 and became the Armenian Apostolic Church of the Kotayk Diocese. The House-Museum of immensely talented and loyal sons of the Armenian Nation Orbeli Brothers was also opened in Tsaghkadzor city and a large number of exhibits, connected with their activities in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Yerevan were transported there. In 2013 Tsaghkadzor received a national award as “a year-round resort for providing the best conditions to promote the development of tourism.

3D view Kecharis