A majestic and highly soaring monastic Saghmosavank complex is a medieval cultural and spiritual center for education. It is located in Saghmosavan village, Aragatsotn region of Armenia, perched on the edge of a precipitous gorge which is on the right bank of the river Kasagh. According to legend, 1620 meters above on the mountainous area a magnificent complex was founded by Gregory when he left the All Armenian Patriarchal Throne. Saghmosavank, however, is mentioned in the last quarter of the 12th century, when the master John Moonj rebuilt the structure by turning it into an educational center. The main church is St. Zion / Catholic / built in 1215 by the efforts and means of Prince Vache Vachutyan and his wide Mamakhatooni.

In exterior the church is domed-shaped with a rectangular floor and cross-winged corners with two-floor altars inside. 16 large and small windows of the facades irradiate the temple built with delicate tuff. In 1235 Prince Vache’s son Qurd erected a small Holy Mother church in the southern part of St. Zion Church and in 1255 Qurd and his wife Khorishani also built a book repository adjacent to the monument in the south. The book repository of the 13th century had a very rich collection of manuscripts and about 120 manuscripts were kept in Saghmosavank in that period, which is considered the most productive. Saghmosavank enduring various ups and downs lost its splendour at the second half of the 18th century and nowadays has reached us in the dilapidated condition. In 1890 Khrimyan Hayrik commenced the renovating works. At present, the monastery is completely renovated.

3D view Saghmosavank