Syunik Marz has is the biggest province of Armenia (also called Zangezur), 4506 sq. km.  It is known by having the most dramatic scenery.   The famous Tatev Monastery and the world longest tramway are in Syunik region.  The largest cities are Kapan, Goris, Sisian and Meghri. Kapan is marz (kingdom) capital from 10th century, which was an active mining town, with very nice architecture.  Goris is sometimes called “little Switzerland”.  “Syunikcis” offer unique cuisine which is unimaginably delicious, such as cheese from Sisian, mulberry vodka of Karahunj, “lavash” of Kapan, and the juicy pomegranates and figs from Meghri.

Sights of Syunik

Tatev monastery

9th-century Armenian Apostolic monastery located on a large basalt plateau near the Tatev village in Syunik Province in southeastern Armenia. The term ``Tatev`` usually refers to the monastery. The monastic ensemble stands on the edge of a deep gorge of the Vorotan River. Tatev is known as the bishopric seat of Syunik and played a significant role in the history of the region as a center of economic, political, spiritual and cultural activity.


The monastery was built over a Bronze Age grave field (13.-11. BCE) by Prince Vahan Nakhashinogh, of which it gets its namesake, the son of Prince Gagik of Kapan in the early 10th century. The Armenian historian Stepanos Orbelian (c. 1250 – 1305) wrote that the prince had taken on a monk's robe and lifestyle to cure himself of demonic possession. In the year 911, Prince Vahan gathered 100 like-minded clerics and built the church of Surb Grigor Lusavorich. It is the oldest among the structures at Vahanavank

Zorats Karer

The Carahunge site is on latitude of 39° 34' and longitude of 46° 01' on the mountain plateau having altitude 1770 m and occupies a territory of about 7 hectare on the left side of the Dar river canyon, the tributary of the river Vorotan (at 2 km). It is located on a rocky promontory near Sisian