Gyumri – Aghveran – 5 days

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Hiking is a manifestation of activity and vigor: overcoming obstacles, extreme conditions, and the most important – healthy lifestyle. We’ll spend these 5 unforgettable days in the boundless expanses of Armenia, enjoying the freedom and the beauty of nature. Welcome to Armenia!

Meeting at the “Zvartnots” airport, transfer to hotel in Yerevan, registration. We’re leaving the luggage here and getting ready for the upcoming trip.

We’re heading to Gyumri. Gyumri is the second largest city of Armenia, the administrative center of the Shirak province, situated on the Shirak Plateau. The city is located near the northern branches of Mount Aragats. According to the chronicles, the history of Gyumri dates back to the Bronze Age. Till 1840 the city was called Kumayri, in 1840-1924 it was called Alexandropol, after Lenin’s death in 1924 it was renamed into Leninakan. After the independence of Armenia in 1991 the city was given the name Gyumri.

The city tour promises to be very interesting as there are sights, that worth seeing. There are situated 5 churches, an orthodox chapel, the Kumayri historic district, the Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and National Architecture, the Aslamazyan sisters Gallery.In Gyumri were born such famous people as actor Frunzik Mkrtchyan, actress Svetlana Svetlichnaya, poet Avetik Isahakyan, jazz musician Tigran Hamasyan.

People of Gyumri are very hospitable, kind and have a sharp sense of humor as we’ll see while walking in this sunny city and talking to them.

We’ll have dinner in nature and then we’ll continue our trip.


Vardbakh is a historical area, located near the Akhuryan River, 5-7 kilometers from Gyumri. The area is really picturesque. In spite of the fact, that it’s almost uninhabited, it still causes quenchless interest. Before the Spitak earthquake (1988), this area was a resort area. We’ll spend the night in tents here, but before, we’ll have enough time to set fire, bake potatoes, gather around the fire and sing songs, play some games and tell interesting stories.


Yerevan Cascade


After having a delicious breakfast in nature, we’re continuing our trip. Today we’ll visit the second most important water body of Armenia – Lake Arpi. In the period of 1946 – 1951 the lake was artificially increased, so its area became 22 square kilometers from its natural state of 4.5 square kilometers. Various species of birds and herbs have been observed around the lake, most of which are recorded in the Red List. Due to its rich and unique flora and fauna the lake and the surrounding area are included in the “Lake Arpi” National Park. The quiet lake fascinates with its harmony, we can perfectly relax on the shore of the lake. A walk around the lake will energize us, and the beautiful nature will please the eye. Here, on the shore of Arpi, we’ll have dinner and then we’ll continue our trip.

The Village of Toros

            We’re continuing our way on foot. We’ll reach the village of Toros in the Shirak Province, founded in 1828. The village is located 21 killometers north from the administrative center of the province. In spite of the fact, that the village is not densely populated, there’s a church – St. Astvatsatsin (the Holy mother of God), reconstructed in 1865 and a chapel of the XVII century. There’s also a monument to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Right here, in this beautiful sunny place, we’ll settle our sleeping bags, as we’ll spend the night here.

We’ll have breakfast in the village of Toros and then we’ll head to Aparan. On our way we’ll see a lot of interesting things sights of Armenia: e.g. the Armenian Alphabet Monument in the village of Artashavan on the eastern slope of Mount Aragats. It was founded in honor of the 1600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet in 2005. The monument consists of 39 carved letters of the Armenian alphabet. The alphabet was created by St. Mesrop Mashtots for making the Bible more accessible for the Armenians and to propogate the Christianity.

The Aparan Reservoir

Particular attention should be paid to the Aparan reservoir, located in the Aragatsotn Province. The reservoir is one of the numerous sights in Armenia, built in 1962 – 1967 on the Kasagh River. The picturesque water power is the largest reservoir in Armenia. The clear air, majestic nature and the water admire both locals and guests. Near the reservoir is located a green forest, where we’ll settle our tents and we’ll set fire, to gather around it, have fun in a friendly company, play games, bake potatoes and so on.

Having breakfast in nature will energize us, and we’ll head to Aghveran. The way is very interesting and at the same time full of obstacles, both water and land. Therefore we’re going to Aghveran by off – road cars. Through the villages of Kuchak, Aragyugh, Teghenik, Arzakan we’ll reach the resort town of Aghveran in the Korayk Province. After the long way we’ll have a rest and we’ll have dinner in nature.

Aghveran is a mountain resort, which is famous for its healing climate and hot springs. We can admire the picturesque scenery of Aghveran, where high mountains and dense forests alternate with each other.

We’ll spend the night at the hotel to have a good rest.

We’ll have breakfast at the hotel. We’ll spend the final day of our tour in Aghveran. We’ll dip into the hot springs, beating from the subsoil of the Earth. The water here is so healing, that people from different parts of the world come here. Before the departure we’ll relax and energize here, breathing the fresh air and swimming in the balneary. Then we’ll return to Yerevan.

You’ll have time to get prepared for the departure. Transfer to the “Zvartnots” airport.