Gahanist – 6 days

Sevan Lake, Armenia (0)
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Hiking is a manifestation of activity and vigor: overcoming obstacles, extreme conditions, and the most important – healthy lifestyle. We’ll spend these 2 unforgettable days in the boundless expanses of Armenia, enjoying the freedom and the beauty of nature. Welcome to Armenia!

Meeting at the “Zvartnots” airport, transfer to hotel in Yerevan, registration. We’re leaving the luggage here and getting ready for the upcoming trip.

We’re going from Yerevan to Shorzha – the favorite place of the painters. In this wonderful place the Painters’ rest house is situated, which hosts both locals and tourists the all the year. Lake Sevan has something very mystical: when you approach the lake, appears desire to paint. Moreover, when it comes to a creative personality, the desire to communicate with nature gives birth to a true masterpiece.

We’ll spend the day in Shorzha, enjoy the creative atmosphere and gain energy for the upcoming trip. We’ll have dinner, play entertaining and intellectual games, enjoy the opportunity to spend time in the fresh air. We’ll spend the night in tents here.


Yerevan Cascade


After the breakfast we’re heading to the town of Karvachar. We’ll have dinner at the Karvachar Gorge.

Karvachar is a natural hot tub, an indescribable grace. The temperature of the healing water in the pond sometimes reaches up to 70 degrees. Overcoming long distances, many people come to this balneary to dip into the hot spring, beating from the subsoil of the Earth, in order to be healed.

Reaching the Karvachar Gorge, we’ll have dinner and then we’ll continue our way to the hot geysers.

For sure, we’ll take a dip into the geysers. This is recreation for both body and soul. One should necessarily feel this pleasure!

In the evening, before going to bed, we’ll organize true active leisure: we’ll set fire, bake potatoes, play basketball, volleyball, communicate, do whatever we wish after all, as the company and the place are really good.

We’ll have breakfast in nature, which will be a positive start. Then we’re heading to Dadivank Monastery.

The architectural complex of Dadivank is located at an altitude of 1100 meters on the slope of a wooded mountain. Dadivank Monastery, built in the I century, is an evidence of the fact, that Christianity came to the Armenian land still in the I century. The monastery was founded in the I century on the grave of St. Dadi, who was the disciple of Thaddeus the Apostle. St. Dadi spread Christianity and sacrificed his life for his faith on this holy place. Dadivank is also famous for its delicately carved khachkars (cross – stones).

Then we’ll drive down to the Tutkhun River Gorge by Jeeps through the roundabout. Right behind the roundabout we’ll see an iron bridge. A little further we’ll see a tunnel, in the middle of which is built a small branch with access to the river Tartar. Reaching the gorge, admiring the picturesque scenery, we understand that it worth the difficult rocky way we’ve passed. The valley of the Tutkhun River is not densely populated, and the upper parts are completely uninhabited. The canyon is very high, the banks of the river merge with the wooded slopes. We’ll have dinner in the very gorge, enjoying the beauty of nature.

Further on we’re heading to Zuar. This is the largest village of the gorge, stretched along the river. The main sight of Zuar is the hotspring “Taq jur” (arm. – hot water). This is a huge crater, with the diameter of several meters, from the subsoil of which noisily splashes hot mineral water. This hot tub is a true miracle of nature.

After relaxing and energizing we’ll settle here comfortably, as we’re spending the night here.


After having breakfast in nature, we’re heading to the village of Gahanist through the off-road. We’ll have an interesting and entertaining picnic here.

After the breakfast we’ll spend our free day in the village of Gahanist. We’ll get acquainted to the locals and their life. We’ll taste natural homemade honey and learn how to make it. We can pick mushrooms, sunbathe lying on grass, play basketball and volleyball, and do whatever comes to mind.

After having breakfast we’re heading to Shalva by cars, where we’ll take a rest, have dinner and will continue our way to the town of Berdzor (Lachin). The town is famous for its mountain pass, which is known as the Lachin Humanitarian Corridor. Due to this pass the town has a strategic importance, connecting Armenia and Nagorno – Karabakh.

On May 1992, as a result of the operations of Armenian military forces to raise the blockade, the Nagorno – Karabakh army took control of the town and it was renamed into Berdzor. Here in 1996 was established the St. Rapture church, the construction of which was completed in 1998. From the territory of the small, bright church you can tirelessly admire the expanses of the majestic Artsakh.

We’re heading to Yerevan and then you can get prepared for the departure in the hotel. Transfer to the “Zvartnots” airport.