Lake Gosh – 2 days

Gosh Lake, 3907, Armenia (0)
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Hiking is a manifestation of activity and vigor: overcoming obstacles, extreme conditions, and the most important – healthy lifestyle. We’ll spend these 2 unforgettable days in the boundless expanses of Armenia, enjoying the freedom and the beauty of nature. Welcome to Armenia!

Meeting at the “Zvartots” airport, transfer to the hotel in Yerevan. We’re leaving the luggage here and getting ready for the upcoming trip.

            Though the tour lasts only 2 days, it promises to be interesting and eventful. First, we’re heading to Sevan.


Lake Sevan is one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world. The lake is located in the heart of the Armenian highlands at the altitude of 1900 meters. The average depth of the Sevan is 27 meters, the maximum – 80-90 meters. The nature is indescribably beautiful here, the coastline is very picturesque with thickly wooded slopes, plains, stone cliffs, alpine forests and sand beaches. The lake and its surrounding area are included in the protected zone of Sevan National Park. Here always dominates moderate coolness, clean and clear water, fresh mountain air. This makes the Sevan beloved and unique for both locals and tourists.


Dilijan is a town which has a status of a national park, the most ecologically clean region of Armenia. It’s located in the Tavush province at the north – east of the Armenian Highlands. Due to its location, nature, clean and fresh air Dilijan, out of competition, is considered as a health and mountain resort. In addition to everything, there’s a fascinating picturesque landscape.  The way to Dilijan itself is very interesting: the endless passes with the densely growing trees lying around them. On our way we’ll see the statue of the characters from popular movie “Mimino” and also we’ll visit the “Old Dilijan” complex on the Vanik Sharambeyan Street: Vanik Sharambeyan is a famous Armenian artist, who established the Folk – Art Museum in Dilijan.


The Goshavank or Nor Getik is a medieval monastic complex, built in the XII – XIII centuries in the territory of the village Gosh. After exploring the church and walking in the territory of the complex, we will choose a proper place to have dinner.

Further we’ll walk to Lake Gosh through the wild forests and rocky road.  The length of the lake is 100 meters, the maximum depth – 8 meters. This is an earthly paradise, far from the bustle of the city, with charming monuments, rocks and mineral springs. We’ll relax on the shore of the quiet lake, and maybe we’ll have some tea or coffee. This is a great chance to have rest after the long way. Since different medical herbs are growing here, we can collect them and brew tea ourselves.

Then we’re heading to the village of Aghkilisa in the Tavush Province. The village is abandoned nowadays. There is only a half – destroyed monastery with the same name. Yet, the monastery is very beautiful and mysterious. Right here, at a place, protected by God, we’ll settle down, gather around the fire, sum up the day and then, we’ll go to bed.


Yerevan Cascade


Goshavank Monastery

Dilijan National Park

After the breakfast, without wasting any time, we’re going to Dilijan National Park. The National park, with the area of 24,232 hectares, was founded in 1958, with the rivers of Aghstev and Getik running through it. There are 120 species of trees, 35 species of mammals and reptiles, 120 species of birds in the territory of the reserve. A very special place – the Haghartsin Gorge is located in the territory of the reserve. The monasteries of Haghartsin, Goshavank, Djukhtak vank and Matosavank are also located in the territory of the park, as well as the wonderful Lake Parz. It’s so attractive here, that time is flying, and nobody wants to leave this place. Therefore, we’ll stay here longer: we’ll play different games, have dinner and then continue our way on foot.

Khachardzan Village

            People, living in the village of Khachardzan are very kind and hospitable. From here we’ll go to Sevan by the off – road vehicles. For the supper we’ll have delicious fish and then we’ll return to Yerevan.

You’ll have time to get prepared for the departure. Transfer to the “Zvartnots” airport.